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The Vitality Theatre Touring Company offers an exciting and unique way to learn about health and wellness through storytelling to audiences across the region. We offer shows that are designed to educate and inspire audiences of all ages, from grade schools to high schools, colleges, and community centers. The shows are carefully crafted to address a range of topics related to physical and mental health and wellness.

These shows are not only informative but also engaging and entertaining, featuring dynamic performances that capture the imagination and spark curiosity. Through the power of theatre, we are able to convey important messages in a way that is both memorable and impactful. The Vitality Theatre Touring Company is committed to fostering meaningful conversations around the topics presented in each performance. After each show, the company holds audience talkbacks, giving attendees the opportunity to share their thoughts, ask questions, and deepen their understanding of the issues at hand.

Whether you are looking for a fun and educational experience for your school or community center, or simply want to learn more about health and wellness, the Vitality Theatre Touring Company is the perfect choice. With a range of shows to choose from and a dedicated team of performers, educators, and professionals, Vitality is sure to leave a lasting impression on any audience it serves.

Touring Shows

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Rated PG-13

Star athlete Hope Baker sports a 4.0 GPA and limitless potential. But when a boy she likes offers her a pill to reduce the pain from a soccer injury, Hope makes a decision that rapidly transforms her dreams into an escalating nightmare.

Based on interviews with families struggling with the disease of addiction, opioid prevention experts, law enforcement officials, and educators, this original musical was developed in response to the devastating impact prescription opioid misuse, heroin, and fentanyl have had on our communities.

Knights of the Dinner Table


A play about two knights of the realm – Sir Bradley and Lady Amelia. Defenders of Justice! Protectors of the Peace! They seek their fortune ridding the kingdom of a nasty dragon infestation. To prepare, they seek sustenance at Patrick’s Pub. But wait! Patrick only serves unhealthy food options and Sir Bradley just can’t resist those dishes. Will Amelia get him interested in lean meats, fruits, and vegetables before Sir Bradley’s waist band is defeated? Will the mysterious Tomato convince him to drink of his juice? Will Patrick ever serve anything healthy? Find out in this delightful play about nutrition, exercise, and the value of healthy habits!

Every Brilliant Thing

Rated ...

You’re seven years old. Your mom’s in the hospital. Your dad says she’s “done something stupid.” How do you respond? You start by making a list of every brilliant thing in the universe to live for, starting with 1. Ice cream… As you grow, the list grows. But will the list be enough when life becomes harder than you ever imagined?

Join us for this one-man show exploring life, family, grief, and the particular joys that bring us hope.

“[A] heart-wrenching, hilarious play… One of the funniest plays you’ll ever see about depression—and possibly one of the funniest plays you’ll ever see, full stop.” – The Guardian

“Filled to the brim with joy…beautiful, heart-wrenching and very funny.” – Time Out London

Each performance will be followed by a free audience Q&A with the actor and a clinician from Eastern Kentucky University’s Psychology Clinic.

For more information on how to help a loved one experiencing suicidality, visit

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