The Appalachian Center for the Arts

About The App

The Appalachian Center for the Arts is a dynamic space for theater, music, visual arts, and community enrichment in downtown Pikeville, KY. The App provides the highest quality arts education designed to encourage collaboration, partnership, and civic engagement for the people in our region. Our stage has been graced by artists ranging from the youth of Kentucky to Broadway veterans to nationally recognized acts who are discovering the beauty of southeast Appalachia for the first time. The App also acts as a catalyst for opening dialogue to meet the region’s growing challenges and opportunities. For The App, the arts are essential; a way to promote cultural change and growth, to celebrate and build on the area’s rich cultural history, and, most importantly, to enrich and entertain.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a thriving regional arts hub in Pikeville by championing, cultivating, and presenting the stories of our town, our region, and our world.

Our Vision

Pikeville is a vibrant community, alive with the music of our stories and our ideas. By nurturing creativity and embracing innovation we strengthen our Appalachian family and amplify the human experience.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement

The Appalachian Center for the Arts believes in the critical role that diversity serves in helping our nation, our culture, and our community thrive. We are committed to sustaining a diverse, inclusive, and equitable space where everyone who walks through our doors feels valued. We are an institution where all voices are respected and heard regardless of gender, age, race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, education, or ability.

We are committed to using inclusive practices to attract and retain talented, diverse employees and to providing equal opportunity for development and advancement. We build a stronger theatre by ensuring that all voices have an opportunity to be heard and a safe environment to share ideas.

Our commitment to upholding these principles and strengths is interwoven within our words, our work, and our mission. The Appalachian Center for the Arts seeks to create a culture of inclusion and we feel the best way to do that is to be open and listen.

Indigenous Lands Statement

We recognize the unique and enduring relationship that exists between indigenous people and their traditional territories. We acknowledge that we are on historic homelands of indigenous tribes native to our region. This acknowledgement serves as a reminder of our ongoing efforts to recognize and honor the people whose lands we benefit from today.

COVID Statement

We are closely monitoring the situation surrounding COVID-19 as it evolves daily and will continue to provide updates on future shows and events, and health and safety protocols here.

Please note: The Appalachian Center for the Arts will follow any forthcoming state mandates related to COVID-19 that may be released as performance dates grow near. All requirements are subject to change, allowing us to best prioritize the safety of our audience members, artists, staff, and community. 

The Appalachian Center for the Arts is thrilled to bring all the arts to you and your family! If you are feeling any symptoms of COVID-19, we ask that you use your best judgement, and we can accommodate you for another night.

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