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For The App, the arts are essential; a way to promote cultural change and growth, to celebrate and build on the area’s rich cultural history, and, most importantly, to enrich and entertain.

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Upcoming Classes

Disney's Jungle Book Kids Camp (Session 2)

Upcoming Classes

Canvas & Cocktails

Featured Instructor: Wes Hunt

Meet us for Canvas and Cocktails in the upstairs lobby of the Appalachian Center for The Arts.

Each class includes a12x12 canvas, all supplies needed to create your art, charcuterie and a glass of wine or mocktail on us!  A cash bar will be available throughout the night.  ID’s will be checked for anyone purchasing alcoholic drinks.

Meet your instructor
Hunt, a native of Pike County, spent a few years traveling and experiencing different cultures before eventually returning to the mountains. Once back in his home state, Hunt was able to obtain not only a bachelor’s degree in Human Services, but also completed a Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling from Lindsey Wilson College.

Hunt worked as a case manager and addiction therapist in the years leading up to his becoming a professional artist. A lifelong musician, Hunt had always had a creative side to him. Not until he stumbled into the world of abstract art did he ever find true freedom. Currently, Hunt is making the transition into being a full-time professional artist.

For him, art is therapy. Art can be therapeutic in many, many ways. As an artist, as the creator, he’s on a constant spiritual journey. Ever increasing his awareness and mindfulness throughout the completion of each piece, he is fortunate to be able to observe the process of creating art from beginning to end. He feels the subjects’ emotions, the ups and the downs, the lows and the highs… an emotional roller-coaster of sorts. He’s merely an observer participating in the transference of energy from the spiritual to the physical, as he allows the energy that’s present to record himself on canvas. It is at most times, controlled chaos. For more information about Wesley Hunt, go to @wesleyhuntoriginalart

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